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Featured Post

"Vice" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Thursday - August 17, 2017

Received via email at 1:43 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles The image of an old steel workbench vice comes to mind today as we...

Thursday, August 17, 2017

"Vice" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Thursday - August 17, 2017

Received via email at 1:43 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

The image of an old steel workbench vice comes to mind today as we head into a pivotable weekend for the RV.

If you'll recall this post you'll understand why...

"Window" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - August 7, 2017

All major world decisions are made based on astrological events.

And why you noticed a rise in senseless violence and endless hate-filled rhetoric recently. And globally. Constantly. On purpose.

The cabal is throwing pebbles at tanks in these final hours.

When most of the minions have long accepted a side hustle versus running the world anymore, there are a few scorpions that still feel a desire to force chaos in the face of complete destruction.

It's so over for evil. Beyond over. Sobeit.

Hong Kong private banks are open for business less TRNs.

London private banks are open for business less TRNs.

Zurich private banks are open for business less TRNs.

Lichtenstein private banks are open for business less TRNs.

AIIB is open for business. All currencies.

IMF is open for business thanks to AIIB. All currencies.

HSBC is not yet open for business. Any currencies.

The Republic Treasury is not yet open for business. Period. Not until October 1, 2017 when it starts printing new gold backed USN.

The bad guys can feel the cold metal vice grip of God squeezing them out into hell.

The good guys can feel the hot metal vice grip of God squeezing them into heaven.

Both and being pinched by the same cosmic vice.

The ZIM has been confirmed opening at an exchange rate of 1:1--equal with the TRN.

Easy math, but a very difficult reality to suddenly accept as your reality. Sobeit.

Keep watching Special Prosector Bob Mueller, who holds the match that lights the global torch for the end of all cabal governments, beginning with Donna and BiBi and Poroshenko.

Hmmmm, another Marine placed into power. Interesting how Dunford choose Marines to make this all go--his second family. Trusted. Proved. Righteous warriors.

Tidbit: Stop looking for rates to change. They will gradually slide not blink into new value me overnight, and if you know about the RV, and get the 800#, you can redeem for higher private rates that are seen by banks only. The public will NEVER see those as it would cause a dangerous market shock.

Another tidbit: Please Lord, let the whole TDA drama go. It's a needless distraction based on an illusion that has been rectified in the back of the bank already. Meaning, all your bills have long been paid off... forever. Just let it be so and stop forcing the past to become the future. It never will. Save your energy.

Yet a third tidbit: Don't make any major purchases until after the new year circa January 1, 2018. Then go for it. It'll save you a lot of quick trigger, sugar high "I'm rich bitch!" mistakes you'll have to unwind later.

President Treason is at Camp David this weekend, or so they say. Wink. Wink.

Interesting how both he and VP Yes Man Mike Pence are huddled together under military lock and key, while Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Ben Sasse have literally disappeared off he planet.

Nobody knows where these Republic leaders are or may be heading for the weekend. Poof. Gone. Also on purpose.

My apologies for being dead wrong about the RV and impeachment dates, but structurally we got it all right. This includes limitless sovereign rate exchanges for ZIM... if anyone desires to heal the soul of the world as a human angel--together dispersing permanent mercy--globally.

Sure hope so because there's a sweet digital homepage being built for you and your people 24/7. Thanks Showme... when I grow up I wanna be just like you. Pure.

To join the mercy movement please sign up at

God is with us.

"To Climb that Mountain" - Cowboy Down Under - 8.17.17

Entry Submitted by Cowboy Down Under at 1:12 PM EDT on August 17, 2017

I moved to the mountains of southern California 5 months ago and living here has showed me that living on the mountain is a metaphor for my life. This life's journey has been a constant uphill climb, and as from the back porch of our home I can see there is still another peak higher than where I stand, somehow I feel that peak still needs to be climbed.

I look back where I came from in the desert where almost nothing can live except those plants and animals that have been willing to adapt to the harsh realities of their environment. When George Bush, Sr. was first elected in 1988 as President of the United States I had a Realization that his having been the director of our secret CIA spy agency, and now taking over as Supreme Commander was not going to be a good thing for anybody on this planet and boy, I could not have been more right about that one. So, adapt I did by becoming a man on the run from and to something. From those Reptilian Rat Bastard Cabal who live in a desert of their own making and toward the mountaintop of awakening, enlightenment and Love for who I was in my heart. It has been a lonely climb at times. I spent almost two years in my cabin on the Trancura River in southern Chile with almost no contact with the outside world, going deeper and deeper into what Thoreau called "Watching the Grass Grow and Finding Your-SELF in There"

I think somehow I had a God Installed inner knowing compass that kept me on course and headed me into the misty of what's possible. It seemed like every time I turned to look back at what was happening around me I saw scorched Earth, GMO's, poisoned non-nutrient food everywhere, Pharmaceutical companies making billions off drugging our children, forced vaccinations and regulatory capture where the fox was put in charge of the hen house. Nobody seemed to notice, or if they did, said anything about it. It drove me crazy at times. When would this world wake up to the fact that somebody out there wanted us all dead?

OK, I hear now, "Cowboy where is the Love Sweet Love message you're all-ways preaching about?" Well, there was a time where that message was hard for me to find and then along came TRUTH, the Ugly Truth and the Benevolent Truth standing side by side, and guess what? Free will was everywhere I looked and I knew I had to make a choice as to which truth I wanted to look at and focus on. So, I looked to the mountaintop and said, “I want to go up there and I want to get out of the desert of the ugly truth I can no longer stand to live in because it is killing me, if not physically, for sure spiritually.” It seemed the higher I climbed, the better the view, the cleaner the air, the healthier the environment, the better the people I got to be around and the happier I became.

So, DC Family I have a little Cowboy advice for you, look up, smile and keep climbing because the NEW Earth is all about us living on the mountaintop of our existence. We are all about to experience the pinnacle of our life's journey, not just in this lifetime, but in every lifetime we have lived. WE will breathe clean air, WE will eat healthy food, WE will see our children thrive living without debt slavery on this planet and WE WILL SEE THE END OF THE CABAL greed mentality that has ruined this planet! H.E.A.L. (Heal Earth And Life) WE will, I know this for sure. I love you all so much and I WILL see YOU on the Mountaintop.

Cowboy Ziggy & Grace

Website Update - Very Quiet Recently

Dear Readers,

I'm sure many of you have noticed that it's been awfully quiet as of recently in regards to intel. All of my sources have gone dark. Personally, I believe this to be a sign.

It appears that we are at the very end of this shadow war between the NPTB and the Cabal. This could be the reason why there is currently radio silence. Any info coming out could be sensitive and could aid the Cabal. Perhaps, the NPTB sting operation has finally ended and the final moves to checkmate are in play.

We see the Cabal attempt to cause another "9/11" with the North Korea attack on Guam had failed. I believe this was their very last chance to delay the inevitable. Now we see Dunford in China, receiving his final instructions.

It's over Cabal. It's over. We win. The flag has been raised over the Reichstag.

We may very well see our blessing shortly.

Victory to the Light!

Thank you for choosing us.

~ Dinar Chronicles

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council: The Balance of Light & Dark in the Universe

The Balance of Light & Dark in the Universe ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

AUG 17 2017

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

The entry point for all souls into this universe is the Gate of Arcturus. It is a passageway through which all souls not only enter this universe, but it is also the opportunity that we and other gatekeepers have to ensure that the individual souls entering this universe are of the proper frequency. Now, once a soul enters, there is free will, and there is polarity in this universe.

So some souls choose to play on the side of darkness, and more souls choose to play on the side of the light. There has been a shift in the balance that has created a preponderance of light and those who are working on the side of the light. Ultimately, we are all on the same side. However, in order to give everyone in this universe the opportunity to experience all possibilities, there must be some who are willing to play in the dark.

Now the coming together of the light and the dark brings us all to a new position. The position that we are all striving for in this universe is to see dark and light as not enemies or opposites, but differences and different choices. We know you are all choosing to be a part of the movement of light in this universe, and we also know that in order to do this many of you are facing the darkness within you.

We applaud you for that. We applaud you and we support you in knowing yourselves more fully. And as you choose to know yourselves as the light, while still acknowledging the darkness within, you restore balance. You give the universe an opportunity to reflect upon itself, to see all of the beauty within itself, alongside the darkness, and to choose to become more, to choose to expand without eliminating any part of itself.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Source: Rainbow Wave of Light

Heavenletters: Accept Yourself

Accept Yourself | Heavenletters

AUG 17 2017

God said:

When you are extremely sensitive and tender to nuances, dear ones, do not see yourselves as lifted high above the crowd. Your sensitivity is not a raised flag in salute to you. Your sensitivity may be nothing to make you proud. Consider your sensitivity more like a rash.

By all means, wear lace and ruffles – that’s lovely – wear what gives you Joy – yet in terms of your interaction with the world and your response to it, wear hardy denim and no longer sensitivity on your sleeve. In relation to yourself, your sensitivity isn’t a badge of honor.

No longer boo-hoo about how Life and people treat you. How people treat you has to do with themselves and is not all that much about you, even if both you and the other party habitually think so. You tend to be all about you. Truly, if someone doesn’t like you and is rude to you, it’s about them and not about you at all. Dear Ones, it doesn’t behoove you to take offense.

From this day forth, take nothing personally. In this way you will no longer perceive affronts. You will be smooth satin and ruffled not at all. You will not entrap yourself. At present, you may prefer to notice affront and be ruffled.

Affront may be to you what coffee is for many. You may drink coffee because drinking coffee stirs you up. No longer rely on affronts to stir you awake. Have a longer view of Life. Attend to what you are feeling in a different sense. What you think about your life matters. What others may or may not think isn’t meant to be your difficulty. What others think belongs to them and not to you. Their thoughts are up to them. Give your concern a chance to settle down before you presume to raise your blood pressure.

When all is said and done, there are no opponents. It certainly isn’t My desire that you turn yourself into an opponent. See bigger. Raise your vibration. Do not respond with outrage. Go play badminton or ping pong or walk it off.

The world says: “Don’t burn your bridges.” This time the world is absolutely right.

The world also says to express yourself and not to repress yourself. Perhaps wait to express yourself, if you must, until you settle down. Wait until you don’t feel so disheartened as you felt at first. Keep Heart and mind open.

Sometimes, you may read what someone wrote to you in an email. You are fit to be tied. You have, on occasion, read your email again later to find that you hadn’t read the letter carefully. Hasn’t this happened to you? You may have read your email too fast and missed what the writer had really said to you. You may have been in haste to take offense. In any case, you misread what was there. You fumbled the ball.

Be sure that you, as a receiver of words, written or spoken, share a responsibility to communicate first by listening. Listen, and you may not take so much amiss. Don’t keep the fires burning within you. Don’t start them in the first place.

I, God, think the world of you, regardless of any guilt you may carry on your shoulders. You may have had practice in not being given credit. You may be quick to pounce, for you are not going to allow anyone to discredit you.

You deserve peace and comfort, and it is My desire – My Will –that you have it. No longer get fraught by what someone else thinks, anyway. Care more about Me and care more about yourself and what We think.

Mind Me, beloveds, and not struggle so much for wholehearted acceptance from others. Accept yourself.

Permanent link to this Heavenletter: – Thank you for including this when publishing this Heavenletter elsewhere.

Source: Rainbow Wave of Light

Screenshot of a Large Move with the Iranian Rial

Also the Rupiah was 4000 the other direction last night which made it double its value. So we are seeing great signs.

Submitted by GK

Bank Story from TNT Authorsamoliver 8-16-17


8-16-17: My Bank Story

Today, I went into my bank to talk with my banker friend that I went to high school with and buy some VND. She was busy, but the younger Banker/Manager was free. I try to avoid her if I can because she refuses to talk much about currencies with me.

So, I simply started talking with her about the Egyptian Pound that is floating right now upwards. It is on a float. And, I moved our conversation to the dong being tested in the system these last couple of days. She kept looking down. I just kept talking with her about how it seems these currencies are always being tested after hours, so we cannot exchange them. She kept looking down.

I, then, proceeded to place my order on the VND, but I made a mistake and said how much is the Iraqi Dinar today before I buy it. I realized that I had made a mistake in my wording, but she began to look it up on the computer.

She told me these words, "it's not here yet." She is young, very young to be a manager in my estimation, but she is very smart. I can tell. She knows more than she lets on.

Well, she noticed what she said and looked up at me with her mouth slightly open as if caught in something and looked down again. She quickly moved the conversation back to the dong. How much VND are you wanting to buy today? It was all I could do to keep from laughing folks. She didn't mean to tell me what she did, but she did say those words "it's not here yet." And, she looked for it on her computer screen. Hmmm. I should have asked her when she expected to receive her Dinar at the bank. I want you to know one last thing.

A year ago, I inquired about buying the Dinar at this same bank. They told me they did not sell the dinar, nor did they intend to do so. Well, I guess things have changed haven't they... ;)


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